Visiting Franz Liszt at his home in Sugár street

29 May 2020

Even in his last years, Franz Liszt lived a lively social life: during his stay in Budapest church dignities, artists, and fellow academics regularly visited him at his home in Sugár street. These meetings determined the operation in the early period of the first Hungarian institution for higher music education. Liszt’s students took part not only in the masterclasses held by him, but they also enjoyed staying in their Master's salon after class. Based on the students' recollections, we can gain an understanding about life at the National Royal Hungarian Academy of Music. The exhibition aims to present how Liszt lived his days in the city, who participated at the gatherings held at his apartment and how they filled it with life, the importance of the salon, as well as the decisive role the master played in the contemporary cultural scenery. The exhibition will be open from September 24, 2020 to September 20, 2021.