Museum tickets

Entrance fee: HUF 2000 Ft

Students (International Students' Card) and seniors: HUF 1000, (EU citizens only!)

Guided tour in foreign languages (English, German, French, Italian, Russian): HUF 12.000 (max. 25 persons/group, to be announced previously).

Exceptional opening hours may be requested. We charge double prices for the entrance fee and the guided tour.

Audioguide is avaible in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Japanese, Czech, Swedish, Chinese and Korean (700 HUF). You can listen to a preview of our audioguides by clicking here.

Concert tickets/Combined tickets

Concert ticket: HUF 2000

Students (International Students' Card) and seniors: HUF 1000

Combined ticket (for visiting the Museum AND the concert): HUF 3000

Combined ticket for students and seniors: HUF 1500 (individual visitors only)


Prices of digital reproductions:

For personal use only, not for publication: 500 HUF/piece

For publication (for example: book, exhibition, commercial purposes etc.): 5000 HUF/piece

Resolution of the digital reproductions:  300 dpi

In case of order, please fill out the this document, sign and scan it and send it back to us: info [at] lisztmuseum [dot] hu

After receiving the completed order, the Liszt Academy will send the invoice. The museum will send the requested digital images after the payment has been received. Method of paying the bill: bank transfer.