Entrance room

Opposite the entrance of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum you can see this plaque on the wall, the reception plaque of Liszt, which was originally on the door of his flat. It says in Hungarian and German, at what time Liszt received his guest.

The lithographs by Joseph Kriehuber show the young virtuoso, the medallion by Ernst Rietschel shows the conductor from Weimar, the oil painting by Mrs. Elisa Nemes /née Ransonnet-Villez/ depicts the aged artist-professor in the year the new building of the Old Academy of Music was opened (1879); the engraving by Jozsef Rippl-Ronai after an oil painting by Mihaly Munkacsy (1886) represents the ailing Liszt in his last years.

One can find the ticket office of the museum in the entrance hall where all those who are interested, can buy - in addition to the publications of the museum - Liszt-scores, music, books and several recordings as well.