Liszt's 125-Year-Old Academy of Music

13 September 2000

Author: Mária Eckhardt

Publisher: LFZE, Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem

Year: 2000

The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music celebrated the 125th anniversary of its inauguration on 14 November 2000. The institution, then named Royal National Hungarian Academy of Music, opened its doors in 1875, after nearly half a decade of preparatory arrangements, with only 5 teachers and 39 students. Today, it is the most important establishment of higher musical education in Hungary, employing 172 tenured and 73 external lecturers, training 467 students from Hungary and 120 from abroad. It has born the name of Liszt since 1925, obtained the rank of university already in 1971 still as a college, and in January 2000, it was also labelled university.